British Master Barber success for Josh and Sean


Congratulations to Andy’s Barber Shop barbers Josh and Sean who have had their dedication to barbering rewarded by receiving Master Barber and Professional Barber status at the recent British Master Barber Live event.


These accreditations recognise a barber’s skill and experience in the trade, with assessors looking for candidates who demonstrate and promote the highest skills in the barbering industry. The metal plaques they receive act as a sign that customers can trust, and are an accreditation that a barber can be proud of.

Josh had already received Professional barber status and now joins Andy’s Barber Shop owner Andy Willis and Ryan with Master Barber status, whilst Sean joins other members of the Andy’s barber team with Professional Barber Status. Andy said: “I’m incredibly proud of Josh and Sean’s accreditations, which are thoroughly deserved. We have an incredibly talented team here at Andy’s Barber Shop and we are delighted that the British Master Barber Alliance is supporting barbering talent throughout the UK. It’s great for our barbers to be a part of this.”

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