Dax and more at Andy's Barbers in BicesterAt Andy's Barber Shop we offer a great range of products to suit each and every client's needs. Not only do we use the products ourselves and recommend them, but we also supply them to keep you looking your best, week in and week out.

We stock Beever and Fudge products formulated specifically for male hair.

For those of you who prefer the closeness of a traditional shave, we stock a fine range of shaving creams and shaving brushes. For those of you who still prefer a safety razor, we stock Wilkinson Sword blades.

Not sure what you need? Just ask! Our team of barbers are always happy to help, advise and recommend the product best suited to your hair type and style.



No 1 Shaping Paste

Perfect for short spikey hair. Great for all hair types, particularly dry.

Leaves a semi-sheen effect and helps emphasise texture.

No 2 Moulding Clay

Perfect for short and messy styles. The ideal choice for creating funky styles.

Leaves a matt finish that's perfect for short, straightened or slightly kinky hair.

No 4 Mattifying Paste

Great for all hair types, except very dull or porous hair. Perfect for blondes as it won't dull or darken the hair.

Offers a matt finish when used on short spikey styles, or a matt texture effect when used on longer hair.

No 5 Pliable Paste

Great for all hair types.

This product has a matt finish which is ideal for that 'beach look'. It can also be used to rough up mid-length or long hair with layers, as well as dishevel shorter styles..


Fudge Fat Head

Fat Head

Get a thick head with Fat Hed. Watch it explode with shine, hold and texture upon application with a firm hold that goes all the way, all day long.

Fudge Hair Gum

Fudge Hair Gum

Ideal for: Extreme hold and control

Gum delivers firm control for shorter hair styles and creates volume and support for longer hair types.

Fudge Hair Shaper

Fudge Hair Shaper - travel pack

Get onto the hard stuff with this strong hold multi-purpose styling tool that really goes the distance. Texturise, mould, piece or simply just shag it out any way you want for that totally 'lived-in' look.

Fudge Hair Shaper - Original

Fudge Hair Shaper

What it Does:
Adds strong hold to finished styles
Leaves hair pliable
Gives texture, volume and definition
Creates matte, but lived-in finish

Fudge Matte Hed Extra

A premium styling clay wax that delivers a strong hold with a matte, dry finish for a raw textured look.
Matte Hed Extra is the big brother of the original Matte Hed and in relation to the original, offers a much stronger hold that lasts longer, is significantly drier and more matte than original Matte Hed.